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21 years old , Al-Hassan is a wonder boy with global achievements

Al-Hassan Al-Fakih embodied a global Arab success story in the Nobel Prize for university students. In the leadership and entrepreneurship field, nationally and internationally, to become the first young man who can organize 4 Hult Prizes in four universities at once, giving the Arabs a record that may be difficult to defeat. Now, he is preparing to represent Arab youth in Indonesia in the fourth edition of the United Nations "Asia" conference at the end of May 2021. For the same year, among approximately 15 thousand young students from 48 Indonesian countries who applied to participate in this stage of stages, 76 students were selected to represent 30 countries. The Industrial Engineering student from the University of Jordan, Al-Hassan Al-Faqih (21 years) will be the only representative of youth in the Arab world. 

The United Nations Conference “Asia”, known by its acronym “AWMUN”, focuses on providing young people with a basic understanding of the rules of procedure of the General Assembly and the stages of discussion and action for its committees, and what should be known about preparing draft resolutions, the tasks and responsibilities of the United Nations Secretariat and the General Assembly officials, and the processes of negotiating during informal meetings, how to reach consensus, the temporary rules of procedure of the Security Council, and many more. The purpose of these panel discussions is to verify how the model simulates an accurate simulation of the United Nations negotiation process. 

This good achievement came to complete his successes. In 2019, he was appointed head of one of the largest youth institutions in Jordan, the “Youth Foundation”, then in 2020 he was chosen as a member of the Jordanian Youth Government as the first student who did not reach 21 years of age. The same student who showed his leadership and creative skills now proves that Arabs have the qualities and abilities to lead and change, and are capable of overcoming the gap between them and first world countries.

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