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Thana Mandi people protest against Wasim Rizvi, petition to Supreme Court to remove '26 verses from Quran

The people of Thanamandi protested against Wasim Rizvi and filed a petition to remove 2626 verses of the Supreme Court from the Holy Quran.No one can take the greatness of the Qur'an and the Companions and the love of the Prophet from our hearts: Mufti Abdul Rahim Zia Qasmi

On Friday, Wasim Rizvi, former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board and a controversial and infamous person, strongly protested against the filing of a petition in the Supreme Court over the verses of the Holy Quran. Speaking on the occasion, Imam and Khatib of Central Jamia Masjid Thana Mandi, Maulana Abdul Rahim Khan Zia Qasmi said that the Holy Quran is a safe road book, it is safe and secure and it has been from its revelation to Russia of last century, then from Europe to China and British rule. It still exists in its original form all over the world and its protection is the responsibility of the Creator of the universe and it is strange that we will remove the verses by demanding to remove them. And our 9-year-old child memorizes the Qur'an orally, which has been acknowledged by hundreds of Hindu thinkers, including Mahatma Gandhi, Harish Chandra, and the famous Hindu scholar Vinobhave, who wrote a formal short commentary on the spirit of the Qur'an, translated by Grish Chandra of Bengal. In addition, the leading publisher in India in the eighteenth century was Manshi Kashu Former Cabinet Secretary Vinod Chand Bande translated the Qur'an and millions of our Hindu brothers and sisters view and read it with devotion, love and dignity, but unclean like Wasim.

People keep doing such publicity stunts for their political interest and see how many cases of fraud and scams are going on in his whole life. But remember that if he uses foul language in honor of the Holy Qur'an or the Prophet of Mercy or the Companions, he invites his own destruction as he is challenging the power of Allah Jal Shanah. Mufti Sahib referred to the British government. 

He said that many times unsuccessful attempts were made at the government level to eradicate it but all failed as it is the last message of God Almighty to humanity. It is a universal book and a guide for all humanity. 

He said that Wasim Rizvi was not able to comment on his arrogant statement and the matter was being looked into by the Muslim Personal Law Board. However, as Muslims we would not tolerate such a criminal act. We will demand the government to reject this accursed person and the Supreme Court to reject his appeal outright so that an atmosphere of peace, harmony and love prevails in the country and such a despicable and self-interested person cannot succeed in his nefarious purpose. 

As for the twenty-six verses of the Qur'an, the Mufti, while talking to the media in great detail, stated that When these verses are read in context, there can be no misunderstanding as it describes the situation of war and chaos when your enemies break the peace treaty and terror in the state and country. If they start spreading anarchy, then it is the responsibility of the state to punish them severely and if they are attackers, then punish them. This does not mean ordinary Hindu brothers. In this regard, in Surah Mumtahna, it is clear that Allah Do not fight them, do not quarrel with you, then be kind to them and treat them well! How is it possible to teach good in one place and kill in another, so it must be understood that the twenty-six verses that are frequently objected to by extremists and hate-mongering minds are all about the atmosphere of war. This is not the case under normal circumstances. 

At the same time, the Mufti appealed to the people to work patiently, maintain an atmosphere of peace and incorporate the Holy Qur'an into their lives, recite it well and try to understand it by reading its commentaries. If we create a perfect relationship and true attachment with the biography of the Holy Prophet, then no one will be able to challenge our existence, God willing.

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