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Morchella,the natural diamond decline in Kashmir

Morchella,the natural diamond decline in Kashmir.Photo Reshi Irshad
Gazanfar Gul
These are Morchella esculenta.These species are found only in Kashmir and Kulu Manali ,HP.The cultivation of morchella locally known as kangich has sharply declined in Kashmir over past decades . 
 “Only 15 years before Kashmir would produce over 30,000 kgs of morchella. But now the production has shrunk to its half. Presently we produce only 15,000 kgs of morchella,
 Morchella is considered to be a top forest edible herb found in Kashmir. “It is basically a mushroom and is available only in the months of March and April. It is mostly found in the Sindh belt which includes Ganderbal, Kangan, Sonamarg, Balthal, and Naranag. It is also found in a good quantity in Pehalgam, Kistawar, Islamabad ,Kulgam and Pulwama.

Morchella,,the natural diamond decline in Kashmir.
Photo Reshi Irshad
Given its pharmaceutical importance and its use in cosmetics and perfumes.
It is exported at Rs 8000 per kg from the Valley to places like Germany, France and other European countries. “A specie of this wild mushroom commonly known preffels costs not less than Rs 2.5 lakh per kg,” adding that the mushroom was mostly being used in the five star hotels in foreign countries.
It is myth is Kashmir these mushrooms sprout at the time of thunderstorms or rainy season.They grow better in damp and shady places.We should cultivate them at larger scales.It will boost our economy to a greater extent.

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